T’s and C’s of Fashion – Fashion World


How able the devil wears nada?

Having worked in various retail and fashion head offices I can guarantee you, it is not only the high end lines that prove challenging to work for.

Then again any office has its politics, however in purchasing and logistics for fashion I feel the pressure is intensified. Any small typo or error can create a snowball effect of negative attitudes as well as loss.

Another important part to point out is how the movies glamourized retail offices. I worked in between racks of clothes or in an actual warehouse.

Please if anyone knows a fashion office that is organized spacious and well thought out would be more than willing to try it out. This picture is probably the nicest area I have seen for retail head office.

In the end it is what it is regardless of you field of empyment.

One this is sure though in helping to advance your career in no matter what dimension, kill them with kindness.



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