T’S and C’S of Fashion – Hair

  Oh hair! Some of us love it, some of us hate it, some of us use it as a comfort mechanism and others just tolerate what they got.

New hair trends and some old have been resurfacing for spring 2015. A huge color palette this year is the pastels, mainly of the purple variety. A lot of pinks as well as rainbow streaks. Depending on who you are and how brave maybe this could be a fresh new idea or style to revamp yourself for the warm weather to come.

Another hair trend that started a few years ago and died had come back with ha vengeance this year. I am one of those people who are attached to their hair so this was a huge change. Yes I did it myself and tears ensued but the end results are awesome. What am I referencing? The half shaved head. Simple to do just tie your hair back to make a part and shave away.

For a safer variety there is always the comeback of the bob!



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