T’S and C’S of Fashion – SATC

Ever stop and wonder where you got you passion or knack for fashion? Growing up having only a brother and other boys in the neighborhood to model myself after a Tom boy erupted. Later on as the years passed and high school progressed into the time that we are to find ourselves I began my transformation. I felt like a butterfly trapped in a cocoon not knowing what was pretty what matched and then flipping through the channels on tv it all changed

Say what you will about this show but Sex and the City tought me what the boys couldn’t, fashion. As well as relationship and sex advise this show really helped me find my inner girl. I blame it all on quotes such as the following which caused me to dream and believe one day I would be just like Carrie.


    Not only was Sarah Jessica Parker a fashion icon in the show she also carries (no pun intended) herself in the same fashionable manner in daily life. For me, not speaking on behalf of the witty banter synicsm and bad sex advice, this show was truly my guiding light into girl hood.



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