T’S and C’s of Fashion – Tattoos


Something that started off underground and for the wicked has turned into a major fad- tattoos. Once would brand you as a criminal has now become a staple if you will in trends and even within some fashion worlds.

What started off to me as a defiance against my mother who said no piercings, became a vessel of expression. What a better blank canvas than your own skin. Your own museum of art , per say, walking around with you daily. Maybe they are reminders of someone dear or a promise / milestone to yourself but in any case it’s art.

The biggest trend for tattoos now a days from what I have seen is American traditional. And more specifically the sailor jerry variety. 

Not only is he a brand of rum but a pioneer in tattooing all out of his trailer (which is pretty awesome and showcased at the Montreal bike and tattoo show)

 I myself became inspired by him and have tattoos of his design on both thighs. The anchor is his staple and to me it’s a reminder of where I come from and my values. Coupled with a pinup mermaid that I adore I feel completes my theme.



There are other types of tattoos out there. I believe one of the most primal and common is the tribal. By tribal I mean the beginnings of its genre have been done with stabbing a pen like object packed with ink in your body otherwise known as Polynesian tattoos. 

More femine version of tribal can be seen in Celtic knots or in flowers such as the lotus below which I support on my rib cage.

This post is a tad personal as it is something I believe in and not just a trend. It’s freedom of expression. 

The newest and latest trend in tattoos has been water color. I have yet to get one tattooed but do have a vision in mind coupled with another idea. Sound waves of meaningful sentences or words have started to be tattooed. It is an original and touching idea to me and I will be trying to arrange an idea to incorporate both ideas into one masterpiece on the worlds cleanest canvas.




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