T’S and C’S of Fashion – Accessories 

    Recently feeling a little blah from the gloomy summer in Montreal I decided to search for new designers to help accessorize and add a bit of pizza to an everyday wardrobe.
I used to always run to Michael Kors, however lately I feel like everyone owns the same purse or same bracelet or sandals. Wanting to stand out and being an avid Pinterest user I found Kate Spade.

As my birthday is around the corner I decided to spend a little more than I usually would on a ring. I am absolutely in love with the design and the size- massive. Just to add a lil something something to my day I will tone down the other jewelry too keep it simple and draw a focus to my obsession.

Not only is the jewelry outrageous and unique so are the handbags. There are trends that flow through other designers and in the end look the same. Not Kate Spade. I have had my eyes on this little clutch for a while now and am just itching to purchase. The best part- Kate Spade may be expensive but the online site has lots of sales and is on Ebates!

Kate Spade



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