T’S and C’S of Fashion – Fall

After sort of a month hiatus; enjoying the last day of summer, I began the look out for fall fashion.

Yes it is sti the last days of August but the air is lighter,nights are shorter and a cool breeze has rolled in.

I’m not saying ditch the summer wardrobe all together, let’s face it we all hope for Indian summer! But a light cardigan can totally revamp a purely summer outfit for cooler nights.

Mod cloth has a lot of original and vintage designs to ease the season transition. Take the mustard cardigan, nice to pair with brown shorts ( I have a tweed pair myself) or jeans shorts or any skirt, given the colors don’t clash.

If fall colors aren’t your best color pallet a fun design on a darker classic can also be a fun pair from daytime to a cooler evening.

Another great find on Mod cloth a fun flirty nautical option. The dark colors and gold also work for winter months. ( yes I went there) 

These are not the only transition options but a couple I found while in my own shopping haze. 

If you liked the styles shown here’s a link for a fall hunt of your own. 

Mod Cloth


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