T’S and C’S of Fashion – Officewear Transition

The weather is slowly turning chilly as the leaves change colors and we brace ourselves for the cold of winter.

Even though we might feel prepared for the dip in temperatures it doesn’t mean that the office has turned off the A/C or closed windows or other types of cool ventilation.

Instead of rummaging through the closet to take out heavier sweaters or even a winter coat to keep warm in the office here are a few fashionable ideas.

A wrap can be worn over almost all casual Officewear. Wether it be a blouse a tunic or even a long t shirt; the wrap will keep neck and shoulders warm while that darn A/C draft is blowing it’s way through the cubicals.

Another perhaps more versatile option could be a pashmina. Use it as a scarf with a nice fall jacket or blazer. It can also be used as a wrap or in my case a blanket if left in folded.

The shall. Oh how I adore this. Fashionable and warm yet not so versatile as a pashmina. It can be hug over a desk chair for emergency freezing or be the basis of an outfit with tighter work slacks and a pair of booties.

Keep warm while being fabulous at the same time! 


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