T’S and C’S of Fashion – Anti Stress Art

There has been a new trend out there. Maybe it’s not fashion in the sense of what you wear or how to accessorize but it’s growing rapidly.

Adult coloring books. You may think coloring is for kids, but no. Letting your creativity flow with color choice, pattern and even coloring outside the lines can let you relieve stress and let go after a long day.

Start off simple with flowers, leaves fruits. Some of the patterns may seem overwhelming at first but the calmness in your head will soon take over. 

Color by color as you breath and breeze through the pages your day will melt a way and bring enlightenment.

Some of these designs are so intricate that maybe when complete a nice frame could aid it in lightening up a drab room or home office to remind you of the serenity.

These can be found at book stores or even my personal favorite Michaels craft stores.

Sit back color and enjoy! 



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