T’S and C’S of Fashion – Maternity Then And Now


Taking a hiatus from the usual monthly post was partially due to a change in lifestyle. Planned no, happy surprise yes!

At the beginning dreading the moo moos and over sized clothes that would cover my small figure was overwhelming.


Hearing and seeing old maternity fashions were not making this life changing event any easier.


Between the log sacrifice shaped dresses or over alls the idea of having to leave the house without pj’s when the bump showed was becoming a quick fashion problem. Work wouldn’t accept so how could I go on with daily life until the lil one was born.


Enter the new market for fashion forward mom’s.  Not to mention how the taboo of being a pregnant woman has been erased and replaced by a wonderful joyous moment in life that everyone even strangers want a part of.

Thank goodness for specialty stores showcased by clothing above and below on myself to create a comfortable fashionable transition into mother hood.


Not only has work attire been revamped so has casual wear and even cute snarky shirts have been created. All this thanks to changing times and a niche market grasped by Internet shopping and a few specialty stores.



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