T’S and C’S of Fashion – The Perfect Jean 

I have been on a bit of a writing hiatus lately as I started a new chapter in life this June, motherhood.

This little post is not about my trials or tribulations but about a wonderful new fashion item I have come across.


After spending almost a year in the most comfortable elastic waist matertiny pants I have ever worn; I found it hard to get back into wearing pants with flies.

I have lost most of my baby weight and can fit into my skinny jeans but the whole button and zipper situation was irritating me.

One day having me time, I found them. Straight leg denim that fits to a T and oh so comfy!

I am not saying these are post partum pants – not at all but they are a great transition.

Honestly with all he different styles and colors I don’t think I will ever go back! Why not be comfortable and fashion forward at the same time!?

I got some from Reitmans but I believe other brands such as Levi’s also have a similar style. 

Go out and try them-  I doubt you’ll be disappointed! 😀


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