T’S and C’S – Food for Fashion

While browsing Pinterest, the isles of winner I keep finding a theme in common. Food! From cupcake tattoos to purses and shoes that are inspired by different food items. So cute you could just eat them up. You might be drooling and hungry by the end of this!

This hotdog coin purse caught my eye in my Facebook newsfeed. Being a very being hotdog enthusiast this was a must have for me. I don’t understand how I have so many member discount cards but this alleviates the strain on my wallet and is so neat!

First the clinic purse that is functional and my absolute #1 zombie apocalypse food. Then I was looking for ideas to cover up one of my old tattoos. Again what kept catching my eye was delicious cupcakes. Being an avid baker myself I guess I was drawn to the sweet delight that could cover up (what looks like snot) and turn it into something meaningful and cute.

Finally I am obsessed and addicted to the brand Iron Fist. I am not a rockabilly by any means; but kudos to them for all the effort, I like to wear one signature piece. My favorite color is seafoam or mint green. And low and behold I found ice cream inspired heels with that accent color. My guilty pleasure is ores mint chocolate chip so how fitting!? 



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