T’S and C’S of Fashion – Home Decor 

  Fashion is not always necessarily about what we wear. Fashion can also be described in interior design decor and accents. 

Turning something old into something new can be a great way to accessorize or accent a room. Instead of buying that new end table or vintage chair, why not create your own.

Using an old suite case, oversized pillow, chair or table legs while keeping in mind a support system; you can make an accent chair. The project takes about an hour total and will definitely save money. If you’re looking to add something new, why not revamp something old.

    When looking for other ways to revamp perhaps a piece of furniture that you haven’t had the heart to replace, modge podge could be a great idea. Find a poster, map, photos or any other vintage art that’s size is comparable to the surface area. You can glue it on straight with modge podge or dissemble the photo or poster and resemble it on the surface using the modge podge. 


Furniture and decor are also fashionable and can great a brightness  or interest to a dull space. Similar to what a great accessory or pair of shoes can do to a bland outfit.


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