T’S and C’S – Party like it’s 1999

Growing up in the era of grunge or the superficial was great. Newest music styles that will rock for ages, the emergence of clicks ore mean girls. 

The world before smart phones was so much simpler and easy going coupled with the usual teen agnst. But some things should have been left behind.

You think without digital cameras, Facebook, Twitter and Insta how could we preserve moments to look back on or choose statement pieces from. Well it wasn’t the dark ages magazines and physical pics did exist capturing the horrid fashion of the 90’s.

As horrible as some style choices were they seem to be making a come back. The platform shoe. Worn by r ever popular girl power group the Spice Girls and all their followers. This new and improved Sandle version isn’t as much of an eye sore as the originals. They’re actually quite cute.

During the holidays I was franticslly looking for a velvet or silk baby doll tank top to wear on New Years Eve. With no luck I had to change up my wardrobe. I thought maybe my throw back to the good ol’ days was a bit far fetched.

I was wrong. Low and behold the baby doll tank top now worn over the plain t shirt. I remember wearing plaid button downs over plaid t-shirts to jazz them up but nothing like this. Totally approve. 

I guess all to say that yes maybe it was the decade of what I consider break out music and genres from boys bands to grunge bands and euro 90s. Let’s face it the fashion wasn’t spectacular but revamping a few key pieces can definitely spruce up your wardrobe.



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