T’S and C’S of Fashion – Magic of Makeup

Most days I honestly don’t even bother to put makeup on. Constant running around here and there mixed with sheer laziness = no time for makeup!

However my little hooded eyes beg to differ. They are as green as Ireland but so small they are barely noticeable without a little help from a mascara wand.

That was until I found this!

Super affordable temporary fake lashes. 3 giant positives for this product according to me anyhow… Easy to apply (first time I must admit I cried fibers out my eyes). Washed off easily and if you forget like I often do this doesn’t rub off creating racoon eyes it kind of disappears!

And finally as mentioned it’s affordable unlike those salons that will pick at your eyes for hours!

If I’m running out the door this is my favorite go to option for a little pizzazz to my eyes.

Younique has a wide variety of products and gift boxes for all tastes and budgets. It’s not just your typical door to door sales brand makeup it’s so much more!

Not a big fan of wearing lipstick but when I feel the need to be a bit more fancy I couldn’t have chosen better. Again I am lazy when it comes to makeup so a lipstick that stays for hours through eating and drinking is perfect! 

Most of the time I forget I even have lipstick on. By that time I am able to reapply before anyone else has noticed a slight change.

For the more adventurous fashion forward types there are a variety of rad on trend colors available as well. Personally I have seen the blue on more daring souls and must admit it’s an A+.

You can easily access these prdovuts here if this small post has peaked your curiosity. 

Younique sure does tickle my fashion fancy! 




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